Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MilkDeriv have a mobile app?

We do not have an Android or iOS mobile app.

However, the MilkDeriv website is built for both mobile and desktop use so that you can enjoy the full functionality of the MilkDeriv platform across all devices.

How do I invest in a product?

For a complete step by step guide on how to invest on your MilkDeriv account click here.

How do I sign up for MilkDeriv account?

For a complete step by step guide on how to sign up for your MilkDeriv account click here.

What currencies do you currently accept on the platform?

We currently accept United States Dollars (USD), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Tether Coin.

What is the minimum transaction amount?

Withdrawals are sent directly to the user's BTC wallet.

Can I deposit other cryptocurrencies?

If you would like to deposit a large amount of a cryptocurrency that we currently do not support, please contact

What’s the minimum amount of money I can start with?

You can deposit as little as $20 into your MilkDeriv wallet at a time which is for the bronze product.

Can I deposit in one currency or crypto and withdraw funds in another?

You can deposit any supported digital asset or fiat currency that your bank account is linked to and you may withdraw the minimum withdrawal amount in any supported currency.

How long does it take for my deposit to reflect in my MilkDeriv account?

While we try to process all deposits within 24 hours, weekends and public holidays can lead to delays. Attaching a proof of payment to your pending deposit can expedite the process of allocating your funds.

What do I do if I want to make a deposit in another currency or payment method?

To get access to another payment method or deposit currency, contact our live support to get information on the process.

When can I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw your funds at any time. We endeavour to process withdrawals within 24 hours on workdays. We do not process withdrawals on weekends and public holidays.

Is MilkDeriv better suited to professional or retail investors?

We cater for professional and non-professional investors.

At MilkDeriv, we believe that all investors deserve a simply-delivered yet sophisticated level of service and security, equal to the experience they're used to when investing in other financial securities such as stocks.

We want to revolutionise the way we all view, understand and invest in digital assets.

What can I do with MilkDeriv?

MilkDeriv puts you in the power position.

You directly own the digital currencies of your choice without any fund administrators getting involved.

We provide you with a secure and easy to use platform to manage your own diversified crypto index Bundle using our proprietary technology.

Where is MilkDeriv incorporated?

MilkDeriv is incorporated in the United States and Australia.

Is my capital guaranteed?


As with most investments, your returns are based on the performance of the underlying assets in your portfolio. If your assets decline in value, your Bundle will be worth less. Your capital is not guaranteed and MilkDeriv is not responsible for any lost funds. Investors need to be aware that cryptocurrencies are a volatile asset class.

Is MilkDeriv an exchange or investment platform?

MilkDeriv is an investment platform that partners with different reputable global exchanges to get the best prices, without compromising security for our users.

How can I see the performance of my investment?

MilkDeriv investors have access to the Investment Portal where they can view their capital account and investment returns over different periods of time. If you have a MilkDeriv Account, you can login here.